Lake Garda Golf and Minigolf

Discover the mini-golf and golf courses at Lake Garda

Lake Garda is surrounded by green areas and nature, making it a great destination for a golf holiday.
Golfing as a sport seems to have developed in the Netherlands in the 13th century. From there, it was exported to countries such as the USA and England, where it is still very popular today.

In Italy, golfing has been practiced since the beginning of the last century, but the number of golf courses has been multiplied only in the last decades. The Lake Garda region offers a unique experience for every golf player. Swing your golf club, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and immerse yourself in the golfing world.
There is an increasing number of golf clubs on the eastern shore of the lake, for example in Marciaga, Peschiera del Garda, Sommacampagna and Villafranca.
Some of these golf clubs are part of renowned hotels or adjacent to elegant restaurants.

Golf Courses Lake Garda

Golf Club Arzaga
Golf Club Bogliaco
Golf Club Cà degli Ulivi
Golf Club Franciacorta
Golf Club Paradiso
Golf Club San Vigilio
Golf Club Verona
Golf Club Villafranca

Do you prefer it the easier way? Lake Garda is home to mini golf courses that offer fun for the whole family,
And the best, crazy golf is suitable for all ages!

Miniature Golf

MiniGolf Bardolino
Minigolf Pit Pat