Holiday with children on Lake Garda

As varied as the landscape is on Lake Garda, so diversified is the range of leisure activities. There can be found lots of things and activities to do even for families with children.
In addition, Italians are considered extremely child-friendly. There is nothing to be said against a family holiday on Lake Garda, quite the contrary.

Swimming and Water Sports

At the top of the list is of course the beach fun. Lake Garda features mostly pebble beaches, but there are also sunbathing areas (for example in Bardolino and Riva) and even a sandy beach (in Lazise). The entry to the water is particularly shallow on the eastern and southern shores and therefore suitable for children. The lake boasts possibilities of the classic pedal boat or banana boat ride as well as of the exotic stand-up paddling or kite surfing.

Visiting Towns

When you are on Lake Garda, you want to visit all the picturesque places, of course.
By car, by bus ... or by ferry, which is certainly most exciting for kids.
Once arrived at your destination, the parents can enjoy a stroll through the alleys, while the children have fun with their scooters, balance bikes or tricycles. The only exception is Malcesine, where the cobblestones and the ascent to the castle make the kid's fun a little dull. In many places there are large children's playgrounds and if they do not want to leave them anymore, just lure them with a ride in the tourist train, which operates in all important places.

Theme Parks

Lake Garda is famous for its wide range of theme parks, which are mainly located on the eastern shore. There is really everything for everybody, for small children as well as for teenagers and even adults will have a fun time. Noteworthy are the Gardaland (Italy's number 1 amusement park), the Movieland, the Sea Life, the Jungle Adventure climbing park, the Parco Natura Viva zoo with safari area and the Caneva, Riovalli and Cavour water parks.


Museums usually are quite boring for children. But the Reptiland in Riva del Garda is like a zoo full of exotic animals, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, insects and colourful butterflies. The Nicolis Museum of Cars, Engineering and Mechanics is also interesting for children, as it houses cars, bicycles and original items from the past.
Furthermore, the recently opened Children's Museum Verona is absolutely worth a visit.
It is an experiential museum dedicated to children to discover science in an entertaining, stimulating and interactive way. You can also visit the castles in Sirmione, Torri or Malcesine, where the little ones will surely feel like real princesses and princes.


You can also practice hiking and mountain-biking. Especially the south east shore features rolling hills, contrary to the steep and rocky northern edge. It is a really fantastic region with lots of bike and hike paths to get around and explore the beauty of the lake and the hinterland. There are bike rentals in almost every town. In Malcesine you can take a ride with a spectacular cable car that rotates around itself on the second tract. A unique experience with a fantastic view of Lake Garda. Older children will be thrilled whereas younger ones can just stay in the stroller, which is allowed inside the vehicle. On top of the mountain there are huge green spaces where the kids can get wild, hiking paths and alpine cabins. Or what about a visit to a waterfall? In the north, 3 km from Riva, there is the impressive waterfall park Varone, whereas in the south-eastern hinterland you can hike in the waterfall park Molina.
Another wonder of nature suitable for children is certainly the Parco Sigurtà. It is a flower and landscape park of 600,000 square metres that even houses a small educational farm.


On Lake Garda many accommodations have an outdoor swimming pool, some of them even an indoor one. If this is not your case, we recommend a day at a thermal bath. Who already feels relaxed and prefers to be active, can exercise in the King Rock climbing centre that even features/offers/boasts a kid's area. Bad weather can also be used to just enjoy the Italian food without pressure of time and gelato, pasta and pizza are the children's favourites anyway. Well, then enjoy your meal and have a nice holiday with your family!