Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Lake Garda

7 romantic places for a Valentine's Day on Lake Garda

Verona is the city of love, one of the most romantic cities anywhere. It’s no surprise then, that Verona’s surrounding countryside, including the glorious shores of Lake Garda, is just as evocative. In fact, here you can find the perfect places to go for Valentine’s Day, a romantic holiday, or even a Lake Garda wedding.
As proud lovers of the area, we want to share our favourite romantic spots on Lake Garda with you. By highlighting the area’s traditional character, breathtaking panoramas, immersion in nature, and playful ambience, we hope to inspire your next stop on Lake Garda.
Here are our top places to visit on Lake Garda – one of the best places in Italy for couples.

The Barrel of Love in Bardolino
A voluminous wooden wine barrel with a heart-shaped opening, symbolizing wine, and love.
It can be found on the lakefront promenade and has become a symbol of the County of Verona. The perfect romantic photo op if you find yourself in the area.

Punta San Vigilio Sunset – Garda
What could be more romantic than admiring the lakeside sunset with the person you love?
Maybe nothing, especially if you find yourself at Punta San Vigilio: protruding further into the Eastern waters than any other land point. Its panoramic glimpses and typical vegetation, rich with cypress, oleander and lemon trees offer a truly magical atmosphere.

A Spin on Bardolino’s Big Wheel
A striking white big wheel, measuring 30 metres in height. A daytime ride reveals a view over the whole lake, whilst an evening turn is even more romantic, thanks to the glowing lights stretching across the horizon. Like something out of a movie scene, a ride on the Bardolino big wheel is a great way to live magical moments together.

Panoramic Point – La Rocca of Garda
Are you feeling sporty and hoping to hike your way to breathtaking views? Look no further, La Rocca is the place for you. La Rocca is a mini-mountain between Garda and Bardolino, overlooking the lake below. It offers one of the most famous views of the lake thanks to its privileged position. Its panorama stretches to the horizon, encompassing the town of Garda, the lake and its shores. La Rocca is approximately 300 metres above sea level, but how to reach it?
Discover more about this excursion here.
Once you have arrived at the top of La Rocca of Garda, it goes without saying that you must capture the moment with a photo — and why not share it on Instagram?
To discover other instagrammable places read this story.

The Tibetan Bridge of Lake Garda
If you don’t suffer from vertigo, you can admire the panorama from a unique perspective on the Tibetan bridge. Recently constructed, it is suspended around 50 metres from the ground, and the one-metre wide crossing stretches 34 metres from side to side. The trail to reach the bridge starts at Pai di sotto, following a low difficulty trail, or there is an alternative trail that departs from Crero. This adventure alternates moments of adrenaline with moments of peace and contact with nature. A perfect blend of emotions to share with the one you love.

Just outside the confines of Verona, here are another couple of things to see on Lake Garda.

The Lover’s Trail in Gargnano – Il sentiero degli innamorati
On the western shore, in the county of Brescia, at a height of over seven hundred metres sits the monastery of Saint Valentine, the protector of lovers. The small sanctuary, embedded into the mountainside, is immersed in the surrounding nature of this isolated spot.
The function of the monastery was to welcome monks in their period of solitude. Now, it is a romantic spot for lovers thanks to the pleasing trail that leads to it, offering stunning panoramas of Mount Baldo and Garda.

Kiss … Please – Sirmione
A romantic walk to admire the Scaliger Castle and the lakeside views in the centre of Sirmione always leads to big emotions and since 2009 it is possible to find a signpost dedicated to those in love.
The placard ‘Kiss … please’, is a work of the artist, Lillo Marciano. Once you have arrived, it is impossible not to snap a photo whilst you show your affection!
We also recommend an unmissable meal in one of the excellent restaurants in the area to conclude the day.
These are just a few of our favourite ideas, Lake Garda is one of the most romantic places in Italy, and amongst the best places in Italy for couples’ getaways. The lake’s bewitching atmosphere will welcome you whichever of its treasures you decide to visit.
Trust us to find you the best couples holiday destinations in the most romantic resorts.

A Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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