Celeste Bike Tour

A journey into the splendid and harmonious landscape of Lake Garda. 98 km to immerse yourself - with head and heart - in the beautiful hinterland along an itinerary that passes the lake, the hills, the plains and the gentle slopes. Here quality and environmental sustainability go hand in hand and create a responsible tourism that makes use of advanced technologies to promote the unique beauty and natural scenery of Lake Garda.
The Celeste Bike Tour is a cross-business project realized by the Verona Garda Bike network.

The nine partners of this network are important companies in the tourism and wine & food industries: Europlan Spa, Bellatrix Srl, Lamacart Spa Museo Nicolis, Turri Fratelli Srl, Masi, Gardaland, Parco Natura Viva, Parco Giardino Sigurtà and Parco Acquatico Cavour.
Verona Garda Bike was founded in 2012 on the initiative of these nine companies from the Verona area, with the support of the employer's organization Confindustria Verona, the Coverfil Consortium, the collaboration of the Province of Verona, the local authorities, relevant associations and the Chamber of Commerce.

It is an association with a common goal which provides an exciting and extraordinary experience for tourists, also thanks to the possibility of using pedal assisted bicycles, so-called e-bikes, in order to move around easily while enjoying the marvellous territory surrounding Lake Garda. The tour is suitable for everyone as it follows tracks with low traffic and cycle paths. Sustainable mobility becomes the protagonist of tourism through sports culture. The association Garda of volunteers from Verona, which promotes projects for mountain biking and cycling, has been able to successfully complete the process of approval, management and maintenance of the route. Hence, cyclists can discover nature, history, local specialties and especially the fantastic landscape in complete safety.

The tourist cycle route starts in Bardolino and winds for 98 km with a height difference of 520 m through the most beautiful places of the lower Lake Garda in the province of Verona.
Along the route, there is a dense network of service companies ready to welcome cyclists: museums, farms, hotels, apartments, residences, resorts, golf clubs, amusement, nature and water parks. Each partner is equipped with a charging station for your bike's battery.
And in the meantime you can take advantage of the provided services.

The stages of the Celeste Bike Tour (equipped with charging stations):