Lake Garda - Cycle paths for families

Discover the best Lake Garda cycling routes suited for a tour with the whole family!

cycling holiday is an exciting way of getting to know the area. Exploring the countryside and places that otherwise are difficult to reach, while offering your entire family a nature holiday out in the fresh air. In recent years, cycling has become more and more popular.
Due to its varied routes and scenic beauty, Lake Garda is the ideal setting for this sport.
The area is unique in that it meets the need of every cyclist. It boasts challenging slopes, but also easy bicycle tours for families with children.
And for those who do not want to bring along their own bike, there are various bike rental options, sometimes even inside the accommodation facility.
There are several inns along the ways that offer everything from a simple snack to a full lunch, and picnic areas.

Lazise Garda bike path

The eastern side of Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy, is the ideal place for romantic and relaxing bike rides. The itinerary is about 13 km long, from Lazise to Punta San Vigilio, and it offers a flat path that is easily accessible to all kind of bikers and families with children, too.
It starts in Lazise, an old town with a fascinating castle, towers and medieval walls surrounding the historic center. The Dogana, a building that was erected by the Republic of Venice in order to control the commerce on the lake, today hosts cultural events and food & wine manifestations.
From Lazise you can ride to Bardolino, a town in the heart of the Olive Riviera and the perfect place to taste the Bardolino wine, in its ruby red or rosè Chiaretto versions, which grows in the vineyards of the surrounding hills.
Bardolino is an extraordinary place full of old houses, paved courtyards, narrow streets, souvenir shops, ice cream parlours, bars and restaurants.
The cycle path continues to Garda, a town located in a beautiful bay and represented by old houses, arches, narrow alleyways, little piazzas and marvellous villas. Garda is dominated by the impressive Rocca mountain.
You are only a few kilometres from Punta San Vigilio, a pretty peninsula where you can admire a little church, the statue of San Giovanni Nepomuceno, the protectors of the seafarers, and the dreamy "Bay of the Mermaids", the Baia delle Sirene.

Bicycle tour south of the lake

Bike tour with a length of 68 km and a duration of approximately 4 1/2 hours on southern Lake Garda with beautiful views, passing historic towns and monuments.
It is an easy route, however, it is not suitable for children due to heavy traffic!
The start is in Maguzzano at the end of the cycle path coming from Brescia.
The tour leads through Desenzano del Garda, Rivoltella, until you get to Sirmione to visit the castle and the Grotte di Catullo.
Continuing on the bike path, you reach Santa Maria di Lugana and Peschiera del Garda, where a short stop in the historic centre is recommended.
From Peschiera del Garda, follow the Gardesana road to Lazise, where a visit to the Venetian custom house and the medieval village itself is a must!
Continuing, you pass CisanoBardolino and Garda where you can enjoy the splendid view of Punta San Vigilio and take a bath in the Baia delle Sirene Bay.
Cycle towards Torri del Benaco from where you take the ferry to Toscolano Maderno, on the other side of the lake. From Toscolano you return south passing through Gardone Riviera (where the Vittoriale is located) then Salò, Cunettone, and finally you enter the SP 25 up to Barcuzzi where the bike tour ends.

Mincio bike path from Peschiera del Garda to Mantua

The asphalt bicycle path from Peschiera del Garda to Mantua was completed in 2006. It runs along one of the sides of the famous Quadrilatero defense system built by the Austrians in the first half of the 19th century.
Find the start of the path on the right riverbank in Peschiera del Garda. Then cross the river at the Salionze dyke, right before the town of Monzambano. Shortly afterwards, you catch sight of the Scaliger castle in Valeggio sul Mincio and then reach one of the most beautiful towns of Italy: Borghetto sul Minco is known for its water mills and the ruins of the Visconti bridge. From here, cycle along the river on to Pozzolo, from where another route takes you to Volta Mantovana.
After a ride of approximately 40 km through the plain you reach Mantua.

Cycle path through the Morainic hills

The Morainic Hills on the southern Lake Garda have an average height from 100 to 250 metres above the sea level and are located between the plain of the Pò Valley in the south and the Lake Garda in the north.
The territory is made up of hills with small plains, characterized by wooded areas, rolling hills with plateaus, little lakes and springs, vineyards and olive groves.
This land also offers much historical evidence that dates to the Etruscans and the Romans, and then in the Renaissance Period to the famous family of Gonzaga that was ruling in this area. The cycle path, leading along asphalt roads, is 46 kilometres long and comes with a few short climbs. It starts in Peschiera del Garda and continues along the lake shores to Lido Ronchi, a little beach close to the Gardaland theme park.
After crossing the state road, the countryside presents beautiful vineyards as this is an area in-between the production zones of two famous wines, Custoza and Bardolino.
After a few kilometres, the path arrives in Palazzolo, a small town with the remarkable little Santa Giustina church. It continues down to Sona, a very ancient town between the lake and the city of Verona. From here, the landscape alternates big vineyards with kiwi and peaches orchards until you reach Sommacampagna. The tour continues through the Morainic hills to the Mincio river and the Salionze dam, across the river and then to its right bank, the path runs along the Mincio back to the town of Peschiera. A charming glimpse on the defensive walls of Peschiera welcomes you until you are in the heart of the town.

Limone sul Garda bike path

Inaugurated in 2022, it is one of the most scenic bike trails on Lake Garda. It is a suspended walkway attached to the mountains at an altitude of 50 metres. Its floor is made of a concrete base covered with a woody surface.
The track is about 2.5 kilometres long, and it has immediately become one of the most popular destinations for cyclists from Italy and abroad thanks to its unique viewpoints overlooking Lake Garda. But beware, there are also pedestrians on this path!
The path is also open in the evening, very beautiful under the moonlight. The overhanging route is lit by led step marker lights to ensure safety.
As the track is relatively short, we recommend that beginners and families with children simply turn around at the end and cycle to the centre of Limone, because if you continue towards Riva del Garda you will have to use a busy road.
You can get to the cycle path by car, leaving it in the public car parks in the centre, in Via Caldogno or on the lakeshore, from where you can follow the signs to the bike path. Otherwise, you can reach Limone directly by ferry, choosing one where it is possible to transport bikes on board. Read more here.