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Travelling since 1963


Europlan is a family-run business founded in 1963 with a strong ambition: to guide tourism on Lake Garda. Since that we have gone through more than half century of growth. Decades of confrontation with other realities and with the international market and, finally, with the heart of our growth, our guests.

60 years of achievements, commitment and innovations.

However, the 60 years celebration is only a stage of our journey. With the same enthusiasm and passion that have distinguished us from the beginning and have allowed us to become a landmark in the tourism sector, we are well aware that more has to come.

Live once again the story of Europlan Group, take a look at our historical photo album.




Guests are our main focus


Everybody in Europlan Group share the same goal: fulfil our guests’ expectations with our services. We love to see them satisfied and put a smile on their faces, from the first to the last moment of their stay in our facilities.

Find out more about how our fidelity program takes care of our guests!

The guest’s needs are our guideline to ensure their wellness. We welcome and take care of our guests keeping our focus on them as individuals.




Europlan as a guest in the environment


We are committed to take care of the environment that gives us beautiful views of rare beauty too. The main goals are to respect our Home through the responsible usage of resources and protect Mother Nature with concrete actions.

Everyday we try our best by using less plastic preferring biodegradable materials, using renewable energy, preferring local products in our restaurant and installing more and more charging stations for EVs in our facilities.

Many small actions that, added up to those of our guests, con make an import impact. We deeply believe into offering an increasing sustainable hospitality.

Follow us into this change and find out more about Europlan x Environment.

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