Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium is located in Castelnuovo del Garda in front of the Gardaland Park.
The aquarium takes part in many programmes for the research and the protection of the marine environment and it offers various activities for schools.
More than 5.000 creatures of 100 different species are hosted 40 themed fish tanks that reproduce the specific natural habitats: fresh and salt water from all the world, like the close Garda Lake and Po’ River, or further to the Mediterranean Sea and even the coral reefs from exotic seas. One of the most impressive and biggest tanks is the Oceanic Tank, featuring a transparent oceanic tunnel, where you can observe sharks, rays and moray eels from a spectacular point of view. Seahorses, jellyfishes and colourful fishes live together with big sea lions and many other curious reptiles and fishes.
The visit takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. During the day, it is possible to watch one of the interesting documentaries about the sea life and to have a close view of the feeding of the aquarium inhabitants.
In Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium you can also find a game area and, during summer or mild winter days, a beautifully kept green area with lot of games for children. Moreover, it is also possible to organize educational activities for schools, original birthday parties and special events.

- New 2018

Napoleon Wrasse

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Gardaland Seal Life Aquarium presents the great Napoleon Wrasse. It has a strange bump on its forehead, which is reminiscent of the Napoleon's hat and gave him its name. It is the biggest member of the Labridae family and can reach a maximum length of 2,30 m. It comes very close to people although it is a solitary loner. The fish delights with its variegated colours ranging from blue to emerald green and from pea green to pinkish grey. Its fins and body, with the exception of the head, are covered by thin yellowish lines.