Lake Garda and Gardaland are inseparably connected! Known as one of the best amusement parks in Europe, Gardaland is a real fun oasis for the entire family - just a few steps from Lake Garda, in Castelnuovo del Garda.
Starting with the entrance, everything is designed to make the park accessible to all its visitors, with various services and offers to make the day at the park a pleasant one.
Visitors with toddlers can use the parent-child area inside the "Fantasy Kingdom".
Parents here find a baby care room with a changing table and sink, bottle warmers, a napkin vending machine and a vending machine for baby food, milk, biscuits and snacks.
There is also a room with children’s chairs and tables to ensure the tranquillity necessary during baby’s feeding. All of Gardaland can be visited with pushchairs, which can also be rented for a fee. The attractions are differentiated according to height and age - there is the perfect game for every child! The park also boasts picnic areas, restaurants, self-service restaurants and pizzerias that are open all day and organised to avoid long queue or waiting times. And if visitors are tired after leaving the park, they can board a beautiful, free electric mini railway that goes from Gardaland to the car parks and back.

- News 2018

Peppa Pig Land

The new themed area dedicated to the famous pig will give you the opportunity to visit the famous house of Peppa Pig, sail on funny pirate vessels on the Pirate Island, live exciting adventures aboard Grandpa Pig's Train or experience a ride in the colourful Peppa Pig hot air balloon to discover the world from above.
And there is more, children can jump in the famous "muddy puddles", that the funny pig loves so much, and take memory photos to share on social media or take home as  souvenir.

San Andreas – 4D Experience

Gardaland and Warner Bros. bring adrenaline and adventure on the screen of the Time Voyagers (4D cinema): San Andreas - 4D Experience.
The story takes place in Los Angeles where the famous San Andreas Fault awakens and turns upside down the life of the protagonist, a helicopter pilot, and his wife. The two, aboard a helicopter, go on a difficult journey to San Francisco attempting to save the life of their only daughter.
Thanks to the 3D glasses and special effects provided by the seats and systems mounted on the roof of the cinema, you will experience 8 minutes of pure adrenaline and strong emotions as if you were involved in a cataclysm with wind, earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Pirates: the Phantom's Revenge

A great restyling of this historic attraction born in 1992. A journey through the stormy sea, chased by the vessel of the pirate phantom. Thanks to the 3D technology, which transforms any kind of surface into a dynamic display, you are in the middle of the adventure.
Great news also from the sound: more than 100 audio speakers provide a highly multi-sensory experience.