Movieland Park

The theme park on Lake Garda where famous films come to life with spectacular rides and shows.

A theme park on Lake Garda no to be missed is the Movieland in Fossalta di Lazise. Inspired by the Hollywood film studios, the Movieland Park recreates the sets and locations of the most famous films, transforming them into thrilling attractions and exciting shows. Just like watching a movie, but in real life!

The park offers family-friendly services, from various restaurants and picnic areas to car parks within comfortable reach. Plenty of attractions, games and entertainment are offered throughout the day, making the park absolutely worth a visit.

The right choice of attractions comes easy as they are divided into three categories: family, adventure and action. In this way, visitors can choose according to their age and interests, and fun is guaranteed to everyone.  

Many events are organised throughout the year, for instance a beer festival and a terrifying Halloween special.

The full price of the Movieland ticket is €34, the reduced one €28. There are various options, for example multiple day tickets, or combined tickets that allow you to visit the neighbouring Caneva Aquapark, too.

In 2023 the Movieland Garda opens on April 1st!

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