Four reasons why you should visit Lake Garda

Lake Garda attracts every year thousands of tourists from all over the world and it is the ideal place for people seeking tranquility, hospitality, culture and a lot of fun.
There are many reasons why you should choose Lake Garda as your next holiday destination.
Here is a short list that will make you want to book today!

1. The weather

The Mediterranean climate makes Lake Garda a place where the weather is just perfect. Warm in summer, mild in winter thanks to the protection of the Alps from cold winds.
You can definitely visit all year round! The hottest months are July and August so if you choose this period for your holidays make sure you take with you a hat and sunscreen.

2. The scenery and its picturesque towns

Around Lake Garda there are so many spots that are worth a stop! It may sound like a tongue twister but that is the real truth! The landscape is very diverse with mountains in the northern part, green hills in the south, beaches with rocks, sand or even grass and crystal clear waters. On Lake Garda you can find countless historical sites, from ancient ruins to castles, villas, graffiti, fortresses, caves. Everywhere you go, you will be faced with stunning sceneries and views filled with olive trees, lemon groves, palms, oleanders. Just go discover every little town of Lake Garda and listen to the stories that each one has to tell to its visitors!

3. Local flavours

Italy is certainly famous for its delicious food. While you may think of our country as the land of pizza and pasta, on Lake Garda there is a lot more! Protagonist of the cuisine is the fish of the lake. You absolutely need to taste at least one fish dish and then the olive oil, honey, excellent wines, cheese, the famous tortellini and many other traditional products.

4. Great outdoor activities

Lake Garda offers an extraordinary range of outdoor activities to satisfy every visitor’s needs. Strolls on the lakefront, trekking, itineraries to dive into the nature, boat rides, bike-friendly routes... you will be spoilt for choice! Sport lovers here can definitely find what they are looking for: jet-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, tennis, golfing, hiking and more!

These were the first 4 reasons we could think about but the list could go on and on!
So what are you waiting for? Just come to Lake Garda and fill it up for yourself!