Peschiera del Garda Fortress

This town on the southern side of the lake has always been a military and strategic point, but only during the period of Mastino della Scala it became a proper stronghold.
With the advent of the Venice Republic in this territory, Peschiera del Garda has been surrounded by the walls and the town achieved its actual pentagonal shape.
In the 19th century, more buildings completed the stronghold, like the infantry barrack (Caserma di fanteria), the military hospital (Ospedale militare) and the artillery barrack (Caserma di artiglieria). Today this last one hosts conferences, exhibitions and cultural events.


Rivoli Veronese Fort

Fort Wohlgemuth - also known as "Forte Rivoli" - sits atop a hill in Rivoli Veronese, east of the lake shore. It is named after an Austrian general who excelled during the 1848 campaign.
It was built to defend the Austrian borders and following the annexation of the Veneto to the Kingdom of Italy, it passed into the hands of the Royal Army, which definitively changed its name to Forte Rivoli. One of the main characteristics of this fortress was the action radius of 360 degrees for firing. The fort is the seat of the Walter Rama museum dedicated to military history.