Cultural and Music Events

Lake Garda is the perfect setting for important cultural and music events. Many artists and historical characters found their inspiration right here. Some examples are Dante Alighieri, who cites the Benaco in its Divine Comedy (Canto XX of Inferno), and Goethe, who enhances the beauty of this territory and shares his memories and experiences in his work "Italian Journey". Every year a wide range of festivals, shows, exhibitions and parties are held, focusing on music, poetry, cinema, journalism, theatre, painting and photography.
Unique occasions to attend inspiring and exciting performances while immersing in historical environments and enchanting landscapes.



Words at the Waterside - Bardolino

"Words at the Waterside" (Parole sull’Acqua) kicks off the annual cultural events in the Lake Garda area. The festival invites famous authors, writers and journalists to present their latest works and to discuss historical and current subjects. The setting of the festival is Piazza del Porto in Bardolino.



Festival of Beauty - Verona

The "Festival of Beauty" (Festival della Bellezza) is an important cultural event held in Verona. It captivates great artists and people coming from all over Italy. The setting of the performances are prestigious monuments such as the Roman Theater, the Giusti Garden and the Arena. The event includes plays, videos and live music.



O Live Jazz Fest - Cavaion Veronese

The "O Live Jazz Fest" is a festival linking Jazz music, regional specialities, tourism and solidarity in the spectacular setting of the antique sixteenth-century Corte Torcolo, today's seat of the local DOP oil consortium. Spring evenings with some of the most interesting artists of the Italian and Northern European jazz scene, with particular attention to issues like accessibility and inclusion; and the possibility to taste regional food and wine.



"Tener-a-mente" or Vittoriale Festival - Gardone Riviera

The Vittoriale Festival "Tener-a-mente" (to keep in mind) takes place in a historical environment surrounded by a beautiful park, declared in 2012 "the most beautiful park in Italy". It is a unique festival held at the amphitheatre of the Vittoriale in Gardone Riviera.
It combines art, culture, nature and music featuring international artists, concerts, performances, movies, exhibitions and various events.



Garda Jazz Festival - Garda Trentino

The best of jazz music in 6 municipalities of Lake Garda: Arco, Dro, Drena, Nago Torbole, Tenno and Riva del Garda. The concerts take place in the most traditional and suggestive locations of the area, such as castles, bastions, lakefront terraces, bars and pubs.
Thanks to the "Jazz Cafè" network, visitors have the possibility of tasting typical products in a friendly environment of exclusive places, while getting to know the most original and talented musicians of northern Italy.



Fairy Tale Night - Riva del Garda

The event is held in Riva del Garda on the northern shore of Lake Garda at the end of the summer. The "Fairy Tale Night" (Notte di Fiaba), which has a long tradition, is aimed at an audience of every age. The programme not only comprises readings and performances, but also workshops, concerts and games. The only requirement is to let your imagination roam free! The fairy tale night ends with fireworks that create a magical and simply marvellous atmosphere.



1, 2, Tlè Arts Event - Bardolino

The "1, 2, Tlè" arts event is dedicated to the fine arts. It brings together Italian painters, sculptors, photographers and ceramists, offering them an exhibition space along the streets to present their works. There is also a painting contest for children between 5 and 10 years old.



Tocatì - Verona

The Tocatì, International Festival of Street Games, takes place all over the centre of Verona and it is entirely free of charge. The association "Giochi Antichi" organizes free exhibitions, playful stories, concerts and traditional games in the traffic free zones of the historic centre, inside and outside of the Adige loop. As the festival is internationally oriented and wants to promote the exchange with other cultures, it invites a different country every year.



International Festival of Geographya - Bardolino

The International Festival of Geography is dedicated to the memorial of the Veronese Girolamo Fracastoro, doctor, philosopher, astronomer, geographer and literate.
Every year, the festival focuses on different themes linked to current subjects, the relationship between human, environment and resources, economic development, local traditions and identities. Conferences, book presentations and exhibitions are held in different locations around Lake Garda by special guests, artists, writers, professors and experts.



St. Martin’s Day - Peschiera del Garda

Saint Martin, the patron saint of Peschiera, is celebrated here, on the southern shore of Lake Garda, in November. Traditionally, St. Martin’s Day falls on 11 November, but festivities in Peschiera last several days, comprising also the weekend closest to the date.
The festival features exhibitions and conferences, a Venetian rowing competition (Voga Veneta, with the rower standing on the flat-bottomed boat) in the central Canale di Mezzo and a concert by the town orchestra. Throughout the festivities, food stalls offer specialties of the region. The festival ends with the "Incendio dei Voltoni" fireworks with music (Inflammation of the Voltoni bridge) at the Canale di Mezzo.

Note: The periods mentioned in this article may vary.