Wine therapy

Vinotherapy, also vine or wine therapy, is a particular treatment that aims at the health and the well-being of the body. Developed only recently, it is based on the use of grape juice and grape skins, vine leaves and wine.
The first Vinothérapie Spa was founded by Mathilde Cathiard Thomas in France, in the Bordeaux area, in 1999. Born into a family of vine growers, she dedicates herself to beauty treatments and focuses on the production of cosmetics and creams made from grape, grape seeds and vine leaves.
Wine can be used in various ways: for detoxification, as tonic and as aesthetic bio activator. The treatments are used in sectors like innovative beauty care and modern wellness.
The ampelotherapy (grape therapy, from Greek ampelos, vine) is associated with these treatments but differs as it prescribes the daily consumption of a progressive quantity of grapes for a certain period, in order to purify the body, to stimulate diuretic effects and to reinforce the blood vessels. Wine therapy does not include this aspect.

Wine therapy and cosmetics

When in contact with the skin, one can almost immediately see a visible effect on cell regeneration. Wine fights free radicals which are responsible for cell deterioration and thus ageing. The resveratrol in the grape skin is a powerful antioxidant.
Together with organic acids, it favours deep skin hydration and constant cell regeneration. The "nectar of the Gods" stimulates the microcirculation under the skin and provides the right oxygenation of the skin cells, in particular due to polyphenols that halt the elimination of hyaluronic acid and defend the fibres of elastin and collagen, thus delaying the appearance of wrinkles. The main ingredients of the treatments are fresh grapes, wine must and grape seed oil, which by the way helps also fighting cholesterol.

To treat cellulite, both grapes and red wine can be applied to the skin, using varieties that are rich in resveratrol, such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot, Bordeaux and Nero d’Avola.
Grape skins, seeds and stalks in mud packs, creams and essential oils help to tighten the skin, shape the figure, treat cellulite and soften the skin.