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The search for inner balance, harmony and deep relaxation goes hand in hand with the knowledge of and care for the psychophysical state.
Europlan is at the forefront in the wellness sector and runs more than one structure where you can embark on a relaxing and purifying journey towards bliss.

The thermal water of Bardolino originates in the slopes of Monte Baldo and flows down to the mineral water spring at the Caesius Thermal Centre: pure, clear and healthy.
The thermal water has revitalizing, antibacterial and balancing effects and is ideal for purifying treatments, hydrotherapy and mineral water treatments.
The thermal water components have a high bioavailability; they are directly absorbed by the organism through the skin pores. This factor eases the resistance to the external aggressions and balances the organic system while hindering free radicals thus slowing the ageing process.

Our pride is the Hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA Resort, a wellness hotel that merges well-being with beauty care and offers a dreamlike ambience where you can indulge in complete relaxation.
Caesius Thermal Centre offers various types of baths such as classic underwater massage, ozonized baths, phyto-balneotherapy with medicinal aromatic herbs and thalassotherapy using seawater. The Kneipp Path stimulates the blood circulation by alternating warm and cold water, reduces water retention and strengthens the immune system.
At your disposal are a traditional Finnish sauna with temperatures reaching 80-100 °Celsius and a Turkish steam bath with a temperature of about 45 °C and 90% humidity. Furthermore, there are a Mediterranean sauna with moderate temperatures, a frigidarium, a cold shower, six emotional showers and vast relaxation areas with herbal teas and juices.

At the Hotel Caesius Thermae & Spa Resort you can also find the Ayurvedic Medicine Centre, which is a true site of excellence and one of the most complete and best equipped throughout the country.
Based on a first valuation of the psychophysical state of the patient, the Ayurvedic cures (after the centuries-old traditional Indian medicine) aim to balance the energies of body and mind, thus to purify the organism and to act on the physical as well as the psychological and the behavioural aspects. Benefits are achieved with the use of natural elements like herbs, oils, minerals, breathing exercises, massages, steams and selected foods.

Every beauty needs and deserves care and attention. Our Beauty Centre offers true sensory experiences such as milk and honey baths, massages with olive oil or red grapes, drainage treatments and personalised cures.
Aloe vera, cocoa and shea butter, almond and coconut oil as well as specific active ingredients nourish and regenerate the skin that regains compactness, firmness and luminosity.

Specific treatments to eliminate cellulite, tighten the breasts, detoxify the body, reduce toxins and water retention, improve blood circulation, revitalize tissues and neutralize free radi cals; you will have the opportunity to take care of your beauty in all our facilities, just ask for information. Our hotels Du Lac and Sportsman in Bardolino feature Wellness Areas ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Treat yourself to a pleasant bath in the whirlpool, reduce stress in the sauna or steam bath and work out in the fully equipped gym.