Lake Garda
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A journey of marvellous discovery.

A wonderful blend of art, culture, history and tradition.

Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is renowned for its unspoilt beauty, works of art, architectural masterpieces, excellent food and wine as well as countless leisure activities for young and old.
The Olive Riviera, the slopes of Monte Baldo, the charm of the lakeshores, the emerald green water and the gentle hills are simply beyond words. The entire landscape creates a perfectly harmonious union with the elegance of the great historical and cultural heritage of this area. The mild climate and the warm colours of the natural scenery create a true holiday paradise that will find a firm place in your heart and soul.
On Lake Garda, nature and culture exist in perfect harmony. Small picturesque villages full of history meet long beaches where you can take a refreshing bath in crystal clear water.
A stroll along the flower-lined lakeside promenades or along the winding paths in the hinterland vineyards will take your breath away.
The charming bougainvillae with its marvellous purple flowers decorates many walls and railings of the buildings in the towns around Lake Garda.
The mild Mediterranean climate makes this region unique: It is the most northern cultivation area of lemons and olives in Europe. The landscape is characterized by traditional terraced gardens, so-called limonaie, typical structures used as lemon groves that are also utilised to grow oranges, mandarins and cedars.
The Olive Riviera, on the eastern shore of the lake, features more than 200 different varieties of olive trees, originally introduced by the Romans.
Behind the lake rises Monte Baldo with a height of over 2.000 metres, also known as the "Garden of Europe" due to the presence of countless endemic species. It dominates the landscape with its unmistakable profile and is considered a true paradise for hikers and lovers of outdoor activities.
During your holiday you can make pleasant encounters as Lake Garda is home to wild ducks, coloured grebes, graceful swans, the guardians of the Lake, and various species of fish, whereas the hilly inland is inhabited by foxes and badgers and on the top of Monte Baldo you can even find fluffy alpacas.
In the evening, when the sun goes down and the shore lights turn on, Lake Garda becomes a glistening image full of pleasant emotions. Sitting on a terrace while sipping a delicious drink or taking a stroll along the pretty promenades, you can enjoy a magical atmosphere by the lake that will provide you with countless unforgettable moments.
It is a region to experience and to enjoy as well.
There is more to Lake Garda than beautiful nature and stunning sceneries. It is a real food heaven, which will conquer you with its exquisite gastronomic tradition and wine culture.
It features a large offer of regional top produce ranging from mild fish dishes to strong mountain flavours. Freshwater fish, wine (white, red and rosé) and extra virgin olive oil DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) are the most known products, but there are also citrus fruits, honey and peaches, as well as truffles from Monte Baldo, cheese from mountain huts, white asparagus from Rivoli and sweet chestnuts DOP from San Zeno di Montagna.
The Lake Garda wines represent a region that has been boasting an established and internationally recognized wine production for decades.
From Custoza to Bardolino and from Valpolicella to Amarone, every single sip tastes of the particular characteristics of the territory and brings you the fine taste of Lake Garda.