What to pack for a holiday on Lake Garda

If you are among those people who never know what to pack when travelling you are in the right place! Sometimes it can be very complicated to bring the right amount of things for a getaway. If you have chosen a holiday on Lake Garda, here is some advice on what to take with you.

The weather on Lake Garda is pleasant all year round. If you decide to come in summer we advise you to take fresh and light clothes. Prefer casual and simple items that you can use in different situations and do not forget your sunglasses, at least two swimsuits, a beach towel, a hat to protect from the sun, flip flops, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
When it is sunny the temperature is high but in summer sudden thunderstorms could surprise you at any time, that is why you should take a raincoat with you, so you do not have to forgo excursions and other activities!

You should then pack comfortable clothes and sneakers if you decide to take a walk, hike or visit the many nature parks and amusement parks of the area. If you do not like rocks and stones at the beach, bring a pair of rubber water shoes and if you love extreme sports pack your wet suit and proper equipment.

At night it is usually warm; however, it is advisable to take a light jacket, pullover or sweater, especially if air conditioning bothers you. Many public places like restaurants, malls and shops tend to keep it at low temperatures! If you stay in a hotel, before leaving you should ask if there is a particular dress code for dinner, for instance ask if men are allowed to wear short trousers or not, so you can pack accordingly. Do not forget to take a few elegant clothes if you plan to spend a romantic evening or have dinner in a classy restaurant!

If you choose to visit Lake Garda in spring or autumn the rule is to dress in layers!
The sun in these periods could still be strong so bring t-shirts and then layer up.

Finally, do not forget your cameras if you like to capture every moment of your holiday and especially chargers and adapters if needed, which are usually the last things to pack and the first things that we risk to forget.

If you are always on the lookout for deals and bargains when you are on holiday, make sure you leave some space for souvenirs! And if you forget something no problem, on the lake there are plenty of shops where you can find everything you need!