Cable Car Malcesine - Monte Baldo

The Monte Baldo, also called "Hortus Europae" (Garden of Europe) represents the ideal ecosystem for an exceptionally high diversity of plants and animals.
It consists of different zones ranging from a typical alpine area at 2200 m to a sub-Mediterranean area at the bottom of Lake Garda. For this reason, the mountain chain is unique in Europe and has been explored by botanists since the 16th century.
On the slopes, there are 43% of the entire alpine flora, half of all the species of Italian orchids (more than 60) and 40% of all known butterfly species (2085).

A paradise for hikers, nature enthusiasts, mountain bikers and lovers of outdoor activities who can explore the wonders of Monte Baldo thanks to the Malcesine cable car.
From Malcesine's castle, it is just a short walk (crossing the Gardesana street) to the starting point of the Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car.
This extremely modern and barrier-free cable car is unique in the world because of its revolving cabins 360° during the second skyride.
Thanks to lifts which take visitors to the starting point, access to the cabins is easy even with pushchairs (transport at a surcharge).
The cable car is the easiest way to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Lake Garda.
You will overcome a difference in altitude of more than 1600 m in about 10 minutes, to reach the top of Monte Baldo at 1760 m. From the summit you can see the entire Lake Garda, from Riva to Peschiera del Garda.
The capacity is 600 people per hour, with cabins for 45 and 80 people.
Safety is truly exceptional: the cableway system is even able to operate in harsh weather conditions as well as at night. The complex is divided into three stations: the valley station in Malcesine, the intermediate station at 580 m above sea level in San Michele and the mountain station m on Monte Baldo (Località Tratto Spino) at 1760 m.

The skyride, lasting only a few minutes, will be an incredible experience particularly for children, as it provides a sensation of flying across the blue of the lake.
Given the remarkable difference in height, it is recommended to take along layered clothes and being equipped with warm clothes for the summit, where temperatures are lower than at the starting point. Visitors can enjoy a unique view, particularly in the summer, when the blue of the sky and the lake and the green of the meadows blend together.
Children can run around, play, roll in the grass, have a picnic with their parents on the large meadows and experience the untouched nature of the area. During certain times of the year, visitors can meet the alpacas, that are raised in enclosures on Monte Baldo. Nearly all year round, visitors can watch in amazement, as paragliders launch themselves into the void above the lake.

For lovers of mountain biking, Monte Baldo boasts a variety of exciting routes thanks to the possibility to load the bikes into the cable car and climb up to Tratto Spino.
Downhill and freeride enthusiasts can use the DH and FR trails down to Lake Garda, whereas climbing up one reaches Monte Altissimo, from where the famous Sentiero 601 starts.
For moderate bikers who prefer cross country or just a beautiful tour, there are several bike paths to enjoy a pleasant and easy descent from top to valley, cycling along the scenic route towards Brentonico and Loppio, via Nago and Torbole and back to Malcesine.