Ripasso Amarone Recioto

Wine tasting of Ripasso, Amarone Valpantena, Amarone Classico and Recioto of the multi-awarded winery Cantina Bertani.

Experience in Grezzana

Three distinctive products of the territory, three different methods, three exceptional results. It is not just a strange equation but also the possibility to get to know and appreciate the wine varieties Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto, the symbols of the Valpolicella territory. Through this experience, you will have the possibility to understand how different a wine type produced in two different areas can be. You will taste Valpolicella Ripasso DOC, Amarone Valpantena, Amarone Classico and Recioto Valpantena all from the Cantina Bertani company.



Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Bertani
Ripasso Bertani balances fresh and spicy flavours that are typical of Valpantena and are derived from the particular production process of Ripasso: the plain wine ferments on the dried grape skins that have been used to make Amarone. This particular process adds complexity and body to the new wine. After this operation, the wine ages for about one year in oak barrels to acquire the harmony and balance that characterize Ripasso.

Amarone Valpantena DOCG Bertani
The Valpantena valley is situated to the east of the famous Valpolicella valley. Valpantena is the only terroir outside the Valpolicella Classica that is allowed to produce the Valpolicella wine. One of the theories about the origin of its name relates Valpantena to the word pantheon (all Gods), after a Roman temple in this valley that was presumably dedicated to all Gods. Thus, Valpantena is today the Valley of all Gods. The mineral soil of this territory grants Amarone Valpantena Bertani fresh and spicy notes with a balanced and elegant body.

Amarone Classico DOCG Bertani
Loving and knowing the land, roots and spirit of innovation, a combination of tradition and modernity. It grows in big oak barrels, for years, till it achieves a perfectly stable balance such that it is able to maintain its great organoleptic qualities for decades. An elegant and soft wine, incredibly full-bodied and mineral, a gem that knows how to please the taster.

Recioto Valpantena DOC Bertani
Recioto della Valpolicella Valpantena di Bertani is representative of the history and the tradition of its territory. The blend of grapes in Recioto is the same used to make Amarone, but it differs in the time of appassimento and in the production process (vinification). It comes from the smallest bunches with the best exposition to the sun and it is then dried on the traditional arele (bamboo racks) for about 3 months. The typical notes of cherry are brought out by the ageing in cherry wood barrels. Recioto Valpantena DOC Bertani is extraordinary at the end of the meal but it is also great for relaxing moments.


Cav. G.B. Bertani S.R.L. - Via Asiago 1 - 37023 Grezzana (VR)


Days: from Monday to Thursday.
Time: 3.50 p.m.
Duration: circa 2 hours.
Participants: min 2 people, max 4 people.

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