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A journey through the history of Peschiera, from the Bronze Age to the Republic of Venice.

Experience in Peschiera del Garda

Strength and magnificence, grace and harmony: in front of you the enchanting scenery of the fortified city with its fishing and lake traditions. A journey through the millennial history, from the Bronze Age pile-dwellings  through the Roman period, the Middle Ages, the Scaliger Age and the Republic of Venice. An important military strategic centre, a small city of great value contested by sovereignties and empires.


Tourism Peschiera Infopoint - Piazzale Cesare Betteloni 15 - 37019 Peschiera del Garda (VR)


• Fortress and Military Prison XXX Maggio (Visit of 60 minutes)
You will visit the four floors of the former Austrian military hospital from 1866, a bomb-proof building able to house up to 600 injured people during war.
It was subsequently converted into a military prison.
Here you will relive the stages of the Italian wars of independence. You will then continue the tour in the military barracks of the Rocca and in the Rocchetta Scaligera where you will find the ruins of the Scaliger Castle, built on a Roman tower from the first century B.C. on the ancient Via Gallica in 1200. You will visit cells, visiting rooms, offices of the gendarmerie and you will be surprised by the most important complex of Peschiera del Garda, not only because of its size but above all because of the building's quality.

• Palazzina Storica (Visit of 10 minutes)
A beautiful neoclassical building, surrounded by the centuries-old Catullo Park.
The so-called Kommandanten-Haus, in the "Habsburg district of town", was part of the defensive line known as "Quadrilatero". It was the meeting place of the famous Inter-Allied Conference of 1917 under King Vittorio Emanuele III that decided the Italian resistance on the river Piave which would lead to the victory of the First World War.
The Sala Storica (Historical Hall) still preserves the king's desk with his inkwell and quill.
Also worth mentioning are the frescoes that portray the crucial moment in the history of Italy.

• Museum of Fishing and Lake traditions (Visit of 20 minutes)
In the impressive Radetzky Room, a former fireworks laboratory, you will discover ancient customs and testimonies of a time when fishing used to be a source of life and primary means of sustenance. Photos of fishermen, a collection of old postcards, artefacts from the pile dwelling era and a rare collection of historic boats. There are also 3D reconstructions of the ancient city of "Arilica" and the "Rocchetta Scaligera".

  • Experience available from March until September, every day at 16:30
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Welcome Kit
  • Touristic Vademecum
  • Map of Peschiera del Garda
  • Children (4-10 years) 10 € per person
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