When travelling with teenagers, the Movieland Park in Fossalta di Lazise is not to be missed! Emulating a film-studio, Movieland recreates sets and settings of famous films, transforming them into exciting attractions and enthralling shows.
Furthermore the park does not lack for services aimed at families with children, from various restaurants and picnic areas to car parks within comfortable reach.
Plenty of attractions, games and entertainment are offered throughout the day, making this park visit special.
And to make it easier for visitors to choose attractions according to their age and interests, these are divided into three categories: family, adventure and action - in this way, visitors know what is waiting for them beforehand!
Gardaland and Movieland both boast an emergency medical service and an infirmary.
During the day, visitors have access to cash machines. Visitors can leave and re-enter the park various times on the same day.

- News 2018


A prehistoric themed path where the visitor himself drives trough the jungle landscape of Pangea, along steep climbs and descents.
The attraction is provided with a sophisticated radar positioning system and a practical display with all the information to identify the species that you will encounter during the journey. The teams of each adventure can challenge each other using a scoring system that will judge the time spent to  cross Pangea.
Not to forget the audio-animatronic technology that animates the dinosaurs, allowing them to move in a realistic way and to produce frightful sounds.
At the end, there is a show dedicated to children in which the dinosaurs are protagonists.