Horse & Wine Experience

Un'esperienza a cavallo alla scoperta dei sapori e del paesaggio del Veneto

Experience in Soave

A wine experience riding a horse to discover the beautiful landscape of Veneto region: a slow-paced tour along the rolling hills where the Soave Classico wine is made. It includes the visit of Rocca Sveva winery, that has been built inside the mountain where the Scaliger Castle of Soave lays. For this reason, the symbol of the winery is a knight astride his war horse.
Here you'll be surrounded by history. In a suggestive vineyard you'll have the chance to enjoy a wine tasting of the 3 gems of DOC Rocca Sveva, along with traditional local cold cuts and cheeses. In each glass of wine you'll savour the exciting story of the winery, that has its deep roots in the past.


Maneggio Country House Horse, via Silvio Perazzolo 85 - 37032 Monteforte d'Alpone (VR)

  • Daily insurance
  • Horse
  • Expert horse guide
  • Local produce and wine tasting
What you need
  • Long pants and closed shoes
  • Helmet is mandatory (provided by Country House Horse)

Days and times: From Monday to Saturday, from April to October – weather permitting
Duration: About 6 hours

Arrival at Country House Horse at 8:00. Tour takes place from 9:00 to 14:00 (estimated time).

Itinerary: we'll pass through Valle dell'Acqua and arrive at the slopes of Monte Foscarino. Then, we'll reach Bassanella, climb up to the Castle in order to reach the botanic garden and the vineyard of Rocca Sveva winery. At 10:00 (estimated time) we'll have a break for a guided tour of the winery, where we'll enjoy a wine tasting. There are two possible routes regarding the return trip. The first one is the best choice for expert horse riders, as it goes toward the park of the Castel (Vegri) and then leads to the 10 capitals path. The second one is the ideal choice for beginners, as it passes behind the Castle, through the vineyards, goes till Scheeti square and finally leads to the 10 capitals path, as the first one.

Price: € 110 per person
Minimum age: 16 years old

Itinerary: about 15/18 km, suitable both for beginners and experts
Pace: slow-paced
Elevation: from 0 to 700 m

Our wines:

  • Rocca Sveva Soave Classico DOC
  • Rocca Sveva Soave Classico Superiore “Ciondola” DOCG
  • Rocca Sveva Recioto di Soave DOCG
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