Enotour Borgo dei Posseri

Multi-sensory journey with wine tastings in the valleys of Trentino

Experience in Ala

An innovative journey of taste that will make you discover different types of wine through trails, glades, woods and open-air tasting spots. Get your glass and picnic basket at the entrance and join a multi-sensory route of about 2.4 km surrounded by nature. A wine tour across different tasting areas where you will have the chance to sip six different wines produced by Borgo dei Posseri next to the vineyard where they were born. A unique experience in the valleys of Trentino, 20 km away from Lake Garda, to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape and the countryside scents.



  • Chardonnay
  • Merlot
  • Pinot nero
  • Sauvignon
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Müller Thurgau

Borgo dei Posseri - Località Pozzo Basso 1 - 38061 Ala (TN)

  • Map of the route
  • Glass and glass holder
  • Picnic basket for 2 people with local products
    (salami, cheese, Schüttelbrot bread, cutter, knife, napkins)

Days: From Monday to Friday (from March to November)*
Time: From 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday glass pickup at latest by 12:00 (noon)
Distance: 2.4 km
Duration: 2.5 hours but one can stay until closing time
Participants: Minimum 2 people

* Italian holidays and days before holidays excluded

Contact us
Europlan S.p.A.
Via Crivellin 7L - 37010 Affi (VR)
+39 045 6209 428
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