Adventure Park

Jungle Adventure Park

Going from the eastern shore of Lake Garda further east into the province of Verona, you will reach the town of San Zeno di Montagna which offers a splendid view of Lake Garda. The Jungle Adventure Park is located here, and it promises to be an adventure! The park offers six routes, each with its own colour and theme: Green, Blue, Red, Black and two new routes, Violet and Orange.

At the Jungle Adventure Park, there is also a Baby Park for children of ages 3 to 6. In addition, the park boasts two different paths: the botanic path showing the flora of the area, and the so-called fitness trail, a course with outdoor fitness equipment for various sport activities. The park also comprises a car park, a bar and toilets as well as children’s playground.

The Jungle Adventure Park in San Zeno di Montagna is open daily from April to September from 10am to 8pm and in March and October on the weekends from 10 am to 5 pm, the other days upon previous booking. For further information regarding special times, prices and entrance tickets, we recommend you to visit the website of the park!