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Cableway Monte Baldo

The new Malcesine - Mount Baldo cableway stands out from the very first glance, thanks to the futuristic forms of its stations. These are buildings with clean architectural lines, where steel, aluminium, glass and stone have been combined to enhance the light, transparent interiors and to blend harmoniously with their outdoor surroundings.

The bottom station has a covered parking area with spaces for 200 cars; from here there is easy access to the embarking area, thanks to the lifts, which also serve the bus terminal and eliminate all forms of architectural barrier.

The cableway is divided into two sections: the first, Malcesine - San Michele is 1512 m in length and covers a difference in height of 463 m; the second, San Michele - Mount Baldo is 2813 m in length and covers a difference in height of 1187 m.

The most important new feature of this cableway, and one that makes it totally unique throughout the world, is the cabin on the second section, which rotates on itself to give passengers a 360° view, as well as the sensation that they are flying. The notable total difference in altitude (1650 m.) is covered in a section of 4325 m, completed in just 10 minutes. The capacity is 600 persons per hour, with cabins for 45 and 80 people. Safety is truly exceptional: the cableway system is even able to operate in harsh weather conditions as well as at night.

The system is one of the most modern in the world. It was completed in record time, is perfectly integrated with its surroundings and can also meet expectations in terms of traffic and tourism.

Cableway Malcesine Monte Baldo
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