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Since time immemorial grapes have been known not only as a tasty and choice fruit, but also as a natural medicine.
In fact, the grape cure possesses a whole series of physiological characteristics from which a vast spectrum of therapeutic indications is obtained.

The physiological properties of the grape can be summarized in:
1. Increase in diuretics and better elimination of toxins; 
2. Lowering the acid content of the urine; 
3. Increase of the intestinal peristalsis; 
4. Reduction of intestinal fermentation; 
5. Increase in the function of the liver and bile.

The grape cure is also particularly indicated for whomever has a vitamin deficiency or for those who are recovering after a long illness.

How should the “grape cure” be done?
Doing the grape cure does not consist, as unfortunately often happens, in eating only grapes. Grapes are picked ripe and fresh every day. The grapes must be washed and chewed carefully one by one since the vitamins and mineral salts are concentrated above all under the skin. Daily quantities vary between 300 to 1,000 grams to be eaten subdivided in the morning and evening before meals (also in the form of fresh juice). After having eaten the grapes a light walk is recommended.Who should not do the “grape cure”? Like all medicines, even grapes (if consumed in large quantities) can have side effects.

The grape cure being an energetic and resolutive therapy is not indicated for people with gastric ulcers with a lot of acidic secretion, or for diabetics and those afflicted with colitis. However, even in these cases, it is possible to moderately consume in small sips a glass or two of grape juice.

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