Children's Course

CHILDREN’S COURSE -KIKU- (5 training hours) € 99,00 

Group formation according to age and level of tennis playing. Varied and fun training techniques and matches played between the children are an integral part of the courses. 

knocking-up and subdivision of groups (from 3 to 6 children per group). 

From Monday to Friday:
5 training lessons lasting 60 minutes each, children’s tennis matches.

Prices include the courses and an evening barbecue in the open. Lessons not given or matches interrupted due to adverse weather will, if possible, be recuperated. Re-imbursement, for any reason, shall not be granted. For the no partecipants at the courses limited use of the tennis courts in April and May.

Important: you may find further information about teaching lessons, instructors, special offers and much more on the following web site:  (only in German)


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