Band Groups

Music is a fundamental element of our culture and makes a large contribution towards our artistic and cultural make-up and we are extremely lucky to have a large number of choirs and orchestral bands in our area.

Europlan has over twenty years of experience organizing trips for choirs and a few years ago also started to organize trips for orchestras and bands.

The aim is to create a musical exchange programme between musical groups coming from different social and cultural backgrounds, giving them the possibility to transmit their traditions and customs through their music whilst at the same time having the possibility to visit the most beautiful and characteristic tourist attractions in Italy and abroad.

We are in the process of organizing a new programme of events which will involve musical bands from different countries with the collective objective of sharing music.

Europlan can organize musical shows, hotel accommodation, excursions, cultural sightseeing city trips and translator assistance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for information and for made to measure programmes to suit you.

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