Choir Contact International

Welcome to Choir Contact International
The CCI is an organization with over twenty years of experience in the organization of international musical festivals and competitions.  We have given numerous choirs the opportunity to perform at international competitions and festivals whilst at the same time enjoying the opportunity of a holiday and sharing their passion with other choirs and cultures.

Our events are also an occasion to sightsee in the most glorious cities because our choir programmes are rich in activities and excursions; we also give the choirs the possibility at the end of their shows to exchange their experiences and memories with other choirs . If you would like to extend your holiday we can offer you a made-to measure itinerary. The CCI guarantees a great mix of both culture and fun!
Our aim is to bring together choirs from different countries, united by their mutual love of music, giving them the possibility to perform in-front of  large audiences.

Over the years the CCI has established a long list of excellent contacts including musical directors/conductors, religious and secular institutions.  Thanks to our knowledge and expertise we have established a great working relationship with our local partners and thus we are able to put together performances in the most beautiful and striking historical locations in Europe.

Create the right trip for your choir
The CCI has just the right experience and expertise to put together the right programme for you and your choir.  Our staff will help you at every stage of the booking process including hotel accommodation, excursions, sightseeing city trips, performances and even translation services.
If you are interested in performing in one of our destinations contact us and we can organize a bespoke trip for your choir.

You can contact Choir Contact International at the following address:
CCI Italy
- Europlan S.p.A. - Via Crivellin, 7L  - 37010 Affi (VR)
Tel: +39 045 62 09 444 | Fax: + 39 045 62 09 411 |